08 July, 2007


So fast the weekend has passed.

I was working full day yesterday, nothing much I can plan for the weekend, but still manage to get something done.

Friday after work, firstly was the wallet, this Gucci wallet was a gift from DD for valentine day, and I notice the the border faded in June, after 4 mths??? so I decided to bring it back to the boutique. In the end they agreed to repaint the border for me, well, at least they do something abt it, if not, dont think I will buy any product from there anymore.

Then we were running around to get DD's photo-shoot shirt, at first we went to Raoul at Suntec, no more DD's size, Paragon outlet no stock too, luckily we found one pce at Caltex house outlet, the staff was very helpful, they actually waited for us to collect the shirt although they were already closed.

My Friday ended with a nice dinner at Crystal Jade at Takashimaya and bean curd on the way home...

Saturday and Sunday nothing much...Knitting, movie and tv at home...
Oh the lovely H&M eyes shadow make-up kit all the way from Oslo definitely brighten up my weekend.

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