10 October, 2007

I Smell CupCakes

Many of you have been asking about the cupcakes since I mentioned about CupCake KAL last month. We dint post it out yet because we wanna make sure all members received thier Cupcakes first before posting them.

I have done a total of 9 of them excluding the 2 trial and ...
Chocolate Vanilla? Marshmellow or Chocolate with Banana? Any one of the cupcakes caught your eyes? :D
and more...
The final decor before sending them out...

As for the swap, i received 3 lovely Cupcakes from Windloop, I was speechless when I opened the parcel last week! They are just so sweet! Tthe cupcakes were placed nicely in a rosey box with some organza... look at the the hand made tag! Now, they are my new love! Thanks alot girl.Last but not least, I really enjoyed this Cupcake KAL + Swap, it was a success and I hope that the recipients of my cupcakes are happy with them, as for myself, these 3 little ones really brightened up my day~
Oh, on the swapping day, Jollin bought for us a real cupcake each! it was lovely and tasty, each of us received a lovely knitted cupcake from Yun too, I will upload the photos to show u girls...Thanks buddies
-reserved for cupcake photo--

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07 October, 2007

Ribbed Hat

I started this winter hat 2 weeks ago but was put on hold due to the Cupcake KAL. Now, the Cupcake KAL is done and I picked up this winter hat from the basket again last weekend.

All these pictures were modeled by my handsome HB :D

Pattern: Cashmere Ribbed Hat
Materials: Cleckheaton Country 12 ply 100% Pure Wool , Sirdar Denim Tweed DK
Amount: 3.25 balls x 50g/71m ,10g
Needles: 5.0mm

I followed the pattern to CO 96 sts, continue until piece measures 11" from begining then I started decreasing. It does turn out slightly longer but I guess it is good to cover the ears for winter. Sirdar Denim Tweed DK was used to create the blue line.

It is done now and I am one step closer to our winter honeymoon! Yeah Yeah!