25 July, 2008

Home Sweet Home

I am leaving SG tomorrow morning at 6am.

Going to travel a long journey but i am very excited...because i am heading home , home sweet home!
I will be back by next week!

22 July, 2008

Max's Staircase Tam

Yarns : Cleckheaton Country 12 Ply Wool(grey) 2.5 x 50g(71m),
Fingering weight Wool(purple)
Needle Size : 5mm

My very first beret in my knitting life!
The idea of knitting a small gift for someone special for her birthday has been going thru my mind since 2 months ago... something small..hm..a hat?
After surfing on ravelry for all the hat's design, i finally took up the courage to CO this beret! In fact, it was not a one-time success FO, the patt stated that is for Child/ Adult Small, so i CO 90 sts instead of 84. The hat ended up covering my whole face!Guess what have i done to rescue the hat? i cut off the ribbing and redo it up-side-down!

Overall, not a bad one, now i am thinking to CO another one for myself :D

06 July, 2008

Happening In The East

We had a wonderful time over the weekend, wonderful dinner on Friday, a good sweat from a run on Saturday. Today, we went for cycling in the east, in fact, almost spent whole day in the east, although the sun is not that strong, but i still get a bad sun burn on my left hand! Seems like applying the sun block twice for the 2 hours is not enough, still.

Sun burn on my hand :(

We paid a second visit to the Korean restaurant in Katong for lunch! the food is much better then the first time we tried, worth the price for the food :D, after the lunch we tried this Cheesecake Cafe in the East, from the outside really dont attract our attention at all but once the waitress lead us into the cafe..WOW!!! let the picture tell thousand words.

The two tired faces after being under the hot sun enjoying coffee in the cafe...

Looking out from the inside...

Lots of renaissance decor...
Renaissance painting, my favourite
Beautiful carvining next to out table...
More beautiful decor on the wall...
ok, time for mask on the sun tanned face!

05 July, 2008

In Memoriam...

May Peace Be With You, always...
3 years have passed by since you left us,
Time may ease the pain,
Loving thoughts will always remain...