10 February, 2007

Busy Year

This year will be a super busy year for me.
i know i have not been updating my blog regulary, bad bad regg!
Chinese New Year is just around the corner, i still dont feel it yet, some how i still need to get some CNY goodie for mum and future IL.

Today i still need to work full day, tomorrow i will be at KL, coming back on Mon, flying off on 15/2, will be back on 25/2.

I've completed 3 mistery projects for VDay, 1 for my fiance and 2 for my buddy, i am sure if u r reading this blog u will know i am talking abt u! hehe,
will post them after VDay.

Wishing u gals up there, HappY VDay and CnY! Gong Xi Gong Xi~
I may not be able to update my blog till i come back.