25 March, 2007


Today is our two weeks anniversery! *smiles*

over the last weekend, i've tried something new. The roses, which were used as decor at our ROM event, i turned them into potpourri.

It sounds simple, in fact i have done it before, many times!
- hang the flowers up-side-down and air dry, the flowers will turn dark brown or even black after sometime;
- keep them in fridge to maintain the colour, it works! but the petals become
very "crispy"!

This time, i tried something new, i got the instructions from a book.
- prepare fresh flowers and orange skin;
- remove petals and the orange skin let it air dry for 3-5 days;
- put them into oven for 3-5 mins using low heat;
- smash the orange skin as they will act as preservatives.
Lastly, put the petals and orange skin into an organza bag and put a few drops of essential oil!

Tada! here comes the potpourri! i've made them into 3 organza packs and the rest i kept them in an air tight container..hmm the colour seems nice ya :)

Wonderful Saturday

24.03.07, Sunny Saturday

Today is a lovely saturday, went breakfast with DD for Tim Sum and noodles, then drove to a flower warehouse to get some flowers...the warehouse was so cold, but the flowers there are so lovely, there have tulip, roses, lily, sun flower and many more, u name it they have it, some i dont even know the name! I ended up getting roses for myself and my buddies too, wanna surprise them he he...

At noon, i met them in the North to have coffee, lunch, snacks and of cos KNIT! ha ha..luckily i dint get light colour roses for J, realised she dont really like light colour *phew*... Y was cute, when i presented her the roses, she was plesently surprised! ha ha!

Who says happiness in life must be luxury and materialistic? i always believe just a little effort always can make a great effect.

People might think we are too free to spents hours to knit, i have people telling me can get off rack cheaper! yes i agree but just wanna say that " we knit not because we are too free, it is because we treasure simple things in life!"

Time really flies, we ended up spending almost 6 hours there! BUT some how i still feel that it is not enough! ha ha..gals, thanks for the great saturday, Friendship Forever!

19 March, 2007

Our Story, Our Day

Sunday Sunday
This day, is our day, we held our Registeration of Marriage ceremony at Sembawang Park.

The party was something different from the usual i guess, it was outdoor, the ceremony was under a tree, next to the beach followed by a simple hi tea buffet.

This is the place where we exchanged our vows

We did the decor mostly by ourselves with the great help of J & Y of cos, thanks gals :), my bro il and his two friends were our photographers on that day, so we ended up having 3 pro photographers! we felt so special hehe...

Gifts and decor

A from KL came down specially for this, what a lovely surprise!

At the end of the event, we released all the balloons..that was wonderful and we had great time, wish all the guests had fun too.

18 March, 2007


i have not been a good blogger, keeping so many back log dint post :P
here are some pic of :

Sporty Thomas
Knitted Teddy Bear for my loved ones on Valentine Day.

Yarn used : arcylic 8 ply
Needle Size : 4mm
Size : 12"

Patt : The Knitted Teddy Bear by Sandra Polley

Beside Teddy Bear, i have done 2 knitted fish for my buddies too. Argh! again i forget to take pic...just something simple and hope they like it :)

My first pair of socks, actually was last year WIP, he he..

manage to get it done mid feb too. DD quite like it...i am going for more socks soon.

modelling by my bil, cos he help me to take pic :)