25 March, 2007


Today is our two weeks anniversery! *smiles*

over the last weekend, i've tried something new. The roses, which were used as decor at our ROM event, i turned them into potpourri.

It sounds simple, in fact i have done it before, many times!
- hang the flowers up-side-down and air dry, the flowers will turn dark brown or even black after sometime;
- keep them in fridge to maintain the colour, it works! but the petals become
very "crispy"!

This time, i tried something new, i got the instructions from a book.
- prepare fresh flowers and orange skin;
- remove petals and the orange skin let it air dry for 3-5 days;
- put them into oven for 3-5 mins using low heat;
- smash the orange skin as they will act as preservatives.
Lastly, put the petals and orange skin into an organza bag and put a few drops of essential oil!

Tada! here comes the potpourri! i've made them into 3 organza packs and the rest i kept them in an air tight container..hmm the colour seems nice ya :)


bluey said...

nice potpourri!

The color is beautiful. Maybe I should learn from you :)

JL said...

what a good idea.

R a i n said...

Yes the colour is great! Thanks for the tip about refridgeration to preserve colour!