23 January, 2007

New Additions

I received this lovely Rowan Cashsoft Bady DK Yarns and Sirdar Denim DK all the way from UK! They are so precious to me, the touch and feel are so soft, i really love them!
A warm welcome to my yarn family :)

Lovely plastic knitting needle..so cute!

My New Year Surprise

This is my new year surprise from my SP, i received this in Dec 06 but was instructed to open only in Jan 07!
SEE!!! My lovely SP sent me 2 hanks of KickPick Gloss!I've always heard abt Gloss, now i finally own them!Oh!~ u see the cute little rabbit pin next to the yarn? from my SP too.
Thank you so much my dear SP!

22 January, 2007

FOz Report

I've finally completed my Spring Fling just before the arrival of 2007. It turned out just nice for me and i quite like the green.


Patt: Spring Fling from Knitty Spring 05
Yarn: 4 x Jaegar 4 ply cotton 50g/125m
Needle: 3.5mm

This is nice too...my buddies and i crochet this KAL , ..this is my version.

Size : 8" x 5 "
Yarn : Sportlight 8 ply acrylic

Oh i LOVE this! remember i mentioned earlier on that i kinda fell in love with the crochet rose? this is the one! Isn't it lovely? i 've made some and attached them to hair accessories and brooches too, already given a few to my friends, i hope they like them too:)

Yarn : Sportlight 8 ply acrylic and mercury (japanese acrylic yarn with gold rim)

This is another cute stuff :)
Size : 3" x 1.5"
Yarn : Sportlight 8 ply acrylic and mercury (japanese acrylic yarn with gold rim)

11 January, 2007

Busy Busy Busy

I have not been doing homework for a month! time really flies.

Over the past one month, we managed to book our registration and wedding venue, it was a huge relief to both of us, and we also found the lovely wedding favour for our guest for both events!

I am back with crochet, doing some little accessories e.g. roses as brooch and hair band, a doggie patt and a bubble clutch, kinda fall in love with the rose.

Knitting wise, i managed to finish my SF and now working on the sock (gosh! yes i am!) and RR, i have to finish this two ASAP so that i can CO the new one! long way to go.