24 September, 2007

Ron's Scarf

I have been busy working on winter projects, cos we are going to Hokkaido for our honeymoon in December! Very looking forward.Yeah Yeah!!!

Since my HB dont want me to knit any sweater for him(well I guess he knows I am having too many wips :P), but I decided to knit him at least a scarf and a hat.

Done this last week, I like the un-block version of this scarf, the pattern are actually from those stitch pattern book and since the stitch pattern was choosen by my HB, so I named it Ron's Scarf!Hmm...The scarf really turn out very nice though!

Size : 8" x 74"
Yarns : 7.5 ball x Cleckheaton Country 12 ply
Needle size : 5.5mm Inox

Oh while I am still having my HOT CupCake-KAL fever, my friend made me these mini CupCake!!! Very tiny Pandan CupCake in green with coconut! very yummy! CupCake GO GO GO!

15 September, 2007

CupCake KAL

"We" were so infected by the cupcake virus this week and "We" decided to have a Cupcake KAL!

The infected members are WindLoop, Yun, Jollin and myself. We set the completion date of the KAL by the 30th Sept and will swap with each other!yeah yeah!!!

So I tried my first attempt on wednesday, it was not successful, my HB said it looks more like a mushroom than anything! hahaha...
The Mushroom cupcake

I modified the second trial by reducing the icing sts, it is still not up to my standard yet but, well, at least it looks more like a cupcake now!

Cupcake Go Go Go!!!