24 November, 2008


Anyone still reading this blog?

I have not been updating my blog for more then 2 months... I know.
Busy with works, too much TV and ..ya..lazy.

No FO to blog yet, only some WIPS, just to share, these 2 are the most active on my needles at the moment...

Madli Shawl, I have been 'aiming' for this project since last year, finally get to CO.

Another KAL project with my knitting buddies - Sahara in Catania Cotton, finishing soon, at the colar.

OK! I will try to update when I have the time.

07 September, 2008


Pattern: Kiri
Yarns : Bamboo Wool Blend Fingering Weight 1.5x100g
Done 13th repeat on chart 2
Needle Size : 4mm & 5mm
Measurement after blocked : 64" across shoulder with 32" length
I am glad that i finished it, finally~

close up view

26 August, 2008


Pattern : Ash from Rowan 36
Yarns : Olympus Cotton Novia x 7 balls(40g/115m)
Needle Size : 3.5mm/4.0mm

Proud to present to you.
A KAL project with talented Windloop.

Basically we knitted up according to our own estimation.

19 August, 2008

Poseiodon Socks

Pattern : Poseidon Socks
Yarn : Lana Grossa Meilenweit (1x100g/420m)
Needle Size : 2.5mm, 3.5mm

Another KAL project with my buddies Yun & Jol.
I dint follow 100% of this pattern as the heel turn part i refer to other's method.

I proudly present to you, fresh from the oven.. TADA~

16 August, 2008

I Just Cant Stop...

Stainless Steel.
Fine Merino.
YOU! Feel so love hate!
YET cant stop knitting.

25 July, 2008

Home Sweet Home

I am leaving SG tomorrow morning at 6am.

Going to travel a long journey but i am very excited...because i am heading home , home sweet home!
I will be back by next week!

22 July, 2008

Max's Staircase Tam

Yarns : Cleckheaton Country 12 Ply Wool(grey) 2.5 x 50g(71m),
Fingering weight Wool(purple)
Needle Size : 5mm

My very first beret in my knitting life!
The idea of knitting a small gift for someone special for her birthday has been going thru my mind since 2 months ago... something small..hm..a hat?
After surfing on ravelry for all the hat's design, i finally took up the courage to CO this beret! In fact, it was not a one-time success FO, the patt stated that is for Child/ Adult Small, so i CO 90 sts instead of 84. The hat ended up covering my whole face!Guess what have i done to rescue the hat? i cut off the ribbing and redo it up-side-down!

Overall, not a bad one, now i am thinking to CO another one for myself :D

06 July, 2008

Happening In The East

We had a wonderful time over the weekend, wonderful dinner on Friday, a good sweat from a run on Saturday. Today, we went for cycling in the east, in fact, almost spent whole day in the east, although the sun is not that strong, but i still get a bad sun burn on my left hand! Seems like applying the sun block twice for the 2 hours is not enough, still.

Sun burn on my hand :(

We paid a second visit to the Korean restaurant in Katong for lunch! the food is much better then the first time we tried, worth the price for the food :D, after the lunch we tried this Cheesecake Cafe in the East, from the outside really dont attract our attention at all but once the waitress lead us into the cafe..WOW!!! let the picture tell thousand words.

The two tired faces after being under the hot sun enjoying coffee in the cafe...

Looking out from the inside...

Lots of renaissance decor...
Renaissance painting, my favourite
Beautiful carvining next to out table...
More beautiful decor on the wall...
ok, time for mask on the sun tanned face!

05 July, 2008

In Memoriam...

May Peace Be With You, always...
3 years have passed by since you left us,
Time may ease the pain,
Loving thoughts will always remain...

22 June, 2008

Twinkle Capelet

Yarn : Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece
Yardage: 3.5 balls x 100g/215 yards
Needle: 5.5 needle

It has been awhile since the last update on my blog about my knitting progress, reason : being too greedy to have too many wips on hands!
This Twinkle Capelet is one of my wips that i casted on dated 22/05/08 and i've put it on hold for almost 2 weeks because i am running out of yarns.

Overall i am happy with this project because i feel it is more stylo than those normal cardi that we usually see.

21 May, 2008

We Call Them Pirates

Yarns : 1 x 50g Jaegar Extra Fine Merino DK in Black,
1/2 x 50g Katia Bamboo in Sweet Candy Pink
Needle size : 3.5mm/4mm
This is my first trial on colour-work project! When i first saw this pattern from ravelry somewhere last year, i noticed that most of the FOs were done in black and white combi, so i have been thinking hard on what colour combi should i do for this hat.
I have quite a number of colour choices for this pattern in acrylic, but thinking of the hard work, i decided not to knit with acrylic and cast on with a better yarn - Jaegar Extra Fine Merino in DK weight!
I’ve modified the pattern by no lining and do ribbing instead and added the heart shape between the skulls and and a bigger heart shape on top of each section too.

Although not a fan of pink colour since young, but guess this sweet candy pink from Katia Bamboo does bring out the charm of this hat! Loving it :D

19 May, 2008

Lacy Kerchief Scarf

Pattern : Lacy Kerchief Scarf from Interweave Knits, Summer 2005
Yarns : 4x50g Knit Pick Shine Sport
Needle Size : 4mm
Finished Measurement : 80" x 14"

Cast on this scarf last month by using one of my stash, the Knit Pick Shine Sport yarns i got 2 years ago.
Quite an easy knit. I’ve shorten the length by 2 repeats and do increase every 3 rows instead of every 5 rows, the measurement at the center point is 13.5” before blocking.

Done - wash and lightly blocked by ironing.

05 May, 2008

Crazy Monkey

Pattern:Toe-Up Crazy Monkey
Finished size: Length 9", Leg circ 7"
Yarns : 1/2x 100g Bamboo Wool Blend Fingering Weight
Needle size : 2.5mm DPNS

A long overdue FO, i follow this version for the lace part to do this Toe up version of Crazy Monkey .
This is also my first time knitting with Bamboo Wool blend fingering weight yarns, very smooth and not droppy after wash(normally bamboo have this problem) but i am not very satisfied with the colour run so completed it as ankle socks instead.

27 April, 2008


Pattern : Hanami
Finished size : 16"x65"
Yarns: 1.5 x 50g(450 yards)Habu Tsumugi 100% Silk
Needle size : 3.5mm
This is not my first stole attempt but is my first stole as FO!
This lovely Habu Tsumugi Silk yarns in pale green was given to me from a dear friend as a Christmas gift last year.
It was not smooth on my needles(prehaps because of my sweaty palms) but it turned out to be very very soft after a wash.

I dint really stretch it, only lightly block it and the size turn out just nice for me.

27 March, 2008


I was inspired by the pretty WindLoop's Amineko so i started to knit a few of these catty things.
I have done 3 so far,first one in grey was just in time on Valentine for DH, then a light pink and a shocking pink amineko.

Here a peep of the light pink Amineko :D

Yarn : Thorobred 8 ply acrylic
Hook : 4/0mm

02 March, 2008


Pattern : Lelah Top
Yarns : 3 x 50g Arcylic Peony/1.5 x 50g Cotton Conford
Needle size : 3.5/3.75mm

Another KAL for Yun and me, this Lelah was supposed to be a new top for CNY, but some how, some where..due to the 101 execuses, i dint fulfil the wish.

I cast on this Lelah with Acylic yarn " Peony" with 40" for the bottom lace and change to Cotton Conford for the bra area right after the ribbon, cos i wanna have a different feel for this top, so i mix the choice of yarns.

I dint block the FO, only steam iron the lace, the top part seems a bit loose on me but i am ok with it because dont intent to wear it too tight :D

28 February, 2008

Jo Sharp Bolero

Pattern : Jo Sharp Bolero
Yarns : 5 x 50g/125m Schachenmayr nomotta Catania
Needle size : 3/3.5mm

My First FO for 2008!Done it in Jan'08 but was just too lazy to post. I love the red, will wear it regulary for sure :D
This is another KAL among the 3 of us! check out Yun's long sleeve version too! * ahem* Jol! we are waiting to see yours soon!

06 January, 2008

Our Winter Honeymoon

Hokkaido - 24/12/07 to 31/12/07

We went to Hokkaido for our honeymoon. From Singapore we had to travel 6 hours to Nagoya, then transit to a 1 hour domestic flight to reach Hokkaido.
Over the 6 nights, we stayed in 5 different hotels/resort..the rooms were nice, better than what i was expecting initially.

Here are some pics taken during the trip,enjoy~


They have the most sulphurous pond and enjoy the Hotspring Bath in the hotel, we visited the Shiraoi Ainu Village too.

LAKE TOYA - Rusutsu(Ski resort)

This resort is one of the prominent large all-season resort, big ski area and we tried the exciting snow rafting and snow tubing too.


Otaru Orgel Doh, which houses the "Otaru Music Box Museum", the beatuful heaven sent sounds from the music box now embrace this nostalgic city of Otaru. The best buildings are to be found in the harbour areas and along Otaru canal, which is beatifully lined with lamps... a spectaculat sight.

Oh! forgot to mention, there is a cafe opposite the music box museum, most of the tourist do not go for the coffee but the cup! Yeah, u can actually choose the HelloKitty Cup that you like, after finish the coffee you can bring the cup home, and these are the 2 cups we are choosen.

Nijo Fresh Market

we visited the Nijo Fresh Seafood Market, the Ishiya Chocolate Factory and shopping shopping and shopping at the Hokkado largest shopping mall - sapporo station shopping arcade.

We wore the japanese style robe

Yummu buffet dinner

Kobe Beef that cost 10,500yen per 200g/slice

The beatiful view from our hotel room window

Overall, we had a wonderful time in Hokkaido, we got to know some new friends during the trip, good food, wonderful scenery, very polite japanese people and super clean toilet. DH and I plan to visit again for sure.