27 April, 2008


Pattern : Hanami
Finished size : 16"x65"
Yarns: 1.5 x 50g(450 yards)Habu Tsumugi 100% Silk
Needle size : 3.5mm
This is not my first stole attempt but is my first stole as FO!
This lovely Habu Tsumugi Silk yarns in pale green was given to me from a dear friend as a Christmas gift last year.
It was not smooth on my needles(prehaps because of my sweaty palms) but it turned out to be very very soft after a wash.

I dint really stretch it, only lightly block it and the size turn out just nice for me.


Annie said...

It's Lovely!!! Finally is off your needle. Great Work!

Virtuous said...

Just beautiful!! Lovely pictures too!!

Yah to 1st stole F.O.!!
Soon your other ones will come off the needles too! ;o)

windloop said...

oh...beautiful!!! I am envy now..I want one!!!

Sereknitty said...

Both the stole and the photo are gorgeous! Nice Work! BTW, you asked if the item on my blog was a sweater and the answer is 'no'! It's intended use is to provide laptop privacy in public places. Can you imagine???

Michelle said...

wow. ur stole is gorgeous!! i've always wanted to knit that stole too!!!

Rhinestic said...

Ahh.. Very very pretty!!!

SYLVIE said...

Your stole is very pretty! Lovely color!

Judy said...

Wow! This is beautiful, complicated and simply, a work of art!