20 May, 2007


I mentioned about crocheting a bag, but have not post a picture of it before, here is the progress.Croheting in grey.

Progress of Jo Shape Belero in Cherry Red

Lastly is Forest Path Stole, which I KAL with Sally and Mona, guess my progress is far behind as I keep changing the yarn, I finally settle down with Zephre BUT double ply, since I prefer the thicker feel...

DIY Hand Phone Chain

Craft time!

Bought some leather straps and accessories during the weekend, and here are the results! What do you think?

Phildar Boleros

Finally I got it done over the weekend.

I've modified the patt by changing the button at the front to a knitted ribbon, in fact, the magazine does not indicate the button instruction nor the hole.
I will give away this to my cousin who stays in Perth, hope she will like it.
Meanwhile, let me be the model and take some pictures to show off all the hard work!

Tada~Here is my version of the boleros!

Front View
Side View
Back View

Patt : Phildar Magazine
Yarn : 5 x 50g Sirdar Wash n Wear Double Crepe
Needle : Inox 5.5mm

17 May, 2007

Mood Swing

Hey gals,
Thanks for all the comments.

My knitting projects are progressively slow for the pass week, guess I am having a mood swing, after banging my head few times against the wall for this FPS, finally i co with double ply of zephre.
I am sooooooooooooo looking forward to next week, going to take a short break back home, miss home, mom & dad and all the food of cos.

06 May, 2007

Working On Needles

I have been busy working on " a few" projects on the needles, trying hard to finish them ASAP... I hope.

1. Phildar Boleros, working on the last sleeve
2.KAL-Jo Shape Bolero working on the back with lovely cherry red.
3.KAL-Forest Part Stole on 4th tier.
4.KAL-Rusted Root a few more inches to go.
5. KAL-Crocheting a bag
6.Kimono, still long way to go.

Here a pic of the FPS as promised, the rest I will post once i finish them :D

Colouring Me

I've been buying, buying and still buying yarns *bad bad Regg*

This time round, I have more members in the gang, hehe.. and I manage to take some pic of them before I "distribute" out...

LOOK at the colour! can you resist them? and I hope you gals love them too!

Peony in cream, pink, maroon, olive green, brown, yellow and black.

not forget about this, Miami in purple and light blue

Lovely Olympus yarns, Emmy Grande Lame.