06 May, 2007

Working On Needles

I have been busy working on " a few" projects on the needles, trying hard to finish them ASAP... I hope.

1. Phildar Boleros, working on the last sleeve
2.KAL-Jo Shape Bolero working on the back with lovely cherry red.
3.KAL-Forest Part Stole on 4th tier.
4.KAL-Rusted Root a few more inches to go.
5. KAL-Crocheting a bag
6.Kimono, still long way to go.

Here a pic of the FPS as promised, the rest I will post once i finish them :D


Lily said...

You do have a long list of WIP!!!

bluey said...

Jia you for ur FPS....Jia you jia you...

R a i n said...

Cheering you on!

Iris G said...

Wow you actually list all your WIPs... I dare not do so ;-)

Love your little hill of yarns!