22 February, 2009

Regg @ 15 Weeks Vs Junior's Booties #3

Nothing much to write, just photos to share...
My preggie progress at 15 weeks :)

Meanwhile. I am still in the little booties mood, just done booties #3 for Junior.

Pattern : Ruth's "Perfect" Baby Booties
Yarn : Miami Four Seasons (50-70yards)
Needles Size : 3.0mm

15 February, 2009

Saartje's Bootees

Yarns : Gong Cotone Egitto Mako(dark brown)/ Catania Cotton(baby blue)
Needle Size : 2.5mm dpns

Dear All,
Thank you for all the sweet messages and support. This 2 weeks have been good, except the bad weather ... I am down with flu. OK now except still coughing a bit.
Many of you wonder how far am I now... OK, I am 14 weeks pregnants(3.5 months)! For the first time, we saw little junior actively moving alot during the gynae routine check up last Monday! DH and I were so touched and happy! Thanks to the advance technology!
Back to knitting, in order to kick off my knitting mojo, I thought start knitting with small project might help and it does!
Done second pair of booties for Junior.

Little booties in his daddy's hands.
Overall, quite a simple knitted project, except I dont really like the seaming part, so I knitted it with DPNS instead, only need to seam the bottom to cut down the discomfort on the little feet.

p/s - Thanks to Doreen who recommended this project to me!

08 February, 2009

New Path In Life...

I am back
with my little knitting mojo

learning and getting ready
to my new path in life :)

Little booties that i knitted for Junior~

Yarn : Catania Cotton in Grey(50-70yards)
Needles Size : 3.5m/4.0mm
(note : followed Ruth's instrustion from begining till top of foot, join in round, changed to lace for cuff instead of ribbing) and i like the result!