20 November, 2006

Happy Monday!!


Today my fiance gave me a lift home because it was raining, so i reached home a bit later than usual. When i got into our room my fiance told me there is a parcel for me on the chair, i was not too sure what it was and from who but when i took a closer look..OMG!!! i received my second parcel from my SP!

When i opened up the parcel, i saw many small-nicely wrapped gifts with yellow and green ribbons! The ones with green ribbons can be opened and the ones with yellow ribbons are to be opened in Jan'07!

I really cant wait to open up the gifts but i know i have to snap some precious pics..and guess what??? this is what my SP sent me:

-3 hanks of KnitPick Bare Yarn
-a lovely "custom made" dishcloth especially knitted for me
-an almond soap
-5 packets of Kool Aid + instruction(how thoughtful of u)
-a lovely card

My dear SP, do u know those KnitPick Bare Yarn and Kool Aid are what i am dying for???

The dishcloth is just too sweet to be used as dishcloth! i love it!

Thank you my dear SP! *hug* :)

p/s : i will keep my promise to keep those in gold ribbons till Jan'07, no cheating :)

Greetings from Philadephia

last week i received a post card from my dear SP. The post card arrived on time to cheer me up during my busy week.
thank you SP :)

17 November, 2006

A Week of Many Travels -part 2

13/11/06 Singapore -->KL (350km) -->Singapore
On Wednesday, my bf and i needed to make a trip up to KL so we both took a day off..the jouney took us abt 4 hours on the road. We know that the traffic in KL is quite busy during the weekdays, so we were quite worried and wondered if we could find the location.
I am so glad Annie, who is like my sis to me gave me a big hand, she and her HB, Terry brought us to the location and after that we met up with another friend, Sally who is also a knitter for a coffee. Although it was a short coffee session, we had a nice time. The girls talked abt the knitting things and the guys were busy talking abt their sport related topic! I managed to snap a few pics and here they are :)

Annie and I

Sally with Annie's project

A Week of Many Travels - part 1

10/11/06 - 12/11/06
Singapore -->Taiping, Perak Malaysia (650km) -->Genting Highland (350km) --> Singapore (350km)

Last week was an exciting week for me. My bf and his family, and me of cos, travelled 650km north up to Taiping, Perak, West Malaysia, to pay my family a visit...exciting because i get to catch up with my family too, the feeling was great!
although we only stayed one night in Taiping, but we had a great time.
Here are some photos to share during the trip.

sight seeing at Taiping Lake Garden

My mom's beautiful plan

Yummy Tim Sum prepared to welcome my future in laws :)

First World Indoor Theme Park

09 November, 2006

winter creations

i finally managed to complete the scarf and hat over the past weekend and here are some pics to show :)

Finished Size
9" x 63"
3x50g (4 ply) China Wool in Shocking Pink + JaggerSpun Zephyr Wool-Silk Yarn in Lady Slipper

guess who is my hat model? tada~!! Ee-Aw from Winnie the Pooh family.

CORONET from knitty

Finished Measurement
Circumference : 21"
1 x 50g Panda 8 ply pure wool and 2 x 50g(4ply) wool from China