20 November, 2006

Happy Monday!!


Today my fiance gave me a lift home because it was raining, so i reached home a bit later than usual. When i got into our room my fiance told me there is a parcel for me on the chair, i was not too sure what it was and from who but when i took a closer look..OMG!!! i received my second parcel from my SP!

When i opened up the parcel, i saw many small-nicely wrapped gifts with yellow and green ribbons! The ones with green ribbons can be opened and the ones with yellow ribbons are to be opened in Jan'07!

I really cant wait to open up the gifts but i know i have to snap some precious pics..and guess what??? this is what my SP sent me:

-3 hanks of KnitPick Bare Yarn
-a lovely "custom made" dishcloth especially knitted for me
-an almond soap
-5 packets of Kool Aid + instruction(how thoughtful of u)
-a lovely card

My dear SP, do u know those KnitPick Bare Yarn and Kool Aid are what i am dying for???

The dishcloth is just too sweet to be used as dishcloth! i love it!

Thank you my dear SP! *hug* :)

p/s : i will keep my promise to keep those in gold ribbons till Jan'07, no cheating :)


Anonymous said...

Wow! I took that package to the post office and sent it via surface mail just last week. It was supposed to take 4-6 weeks to get to you, but I guess we got lucky this time!

Is Kool Aid something you can find easily in Singapore? I wasn't sure, but I figured it couldn't hurt to send you some just in case. I hope you like the colors!


Bee said...

hi SP

we canot get Kool Aid in Singapore!!!
only can get online or someone help to buy from oversea tho!
i love all the colour, i believe i can create more colour base on what u sent me :)
thanks gal *hug* :)

Doreen said...

Cool stuff you have there. Happy dyeing.

bluey said...

kool aid i wan also. Hmm.. so i expected to see some new handdye yarns frm u soon.

karyn said...

lucky gal ;)

Kessa said...

@ 1st note (>_<) and most of my airmail packages takes 1/2-1 month to arrive. Anyway, didn't know you've been doing that much travelling.. Think e reg. is very soon.. or had it passed aready? (sorry, bad memory) Anyway, looking forward to pretty dyed yarns from you! =)

R a i n said...

Lucky you!! Looking forward to seeing some lovely yarns dyed up all pretty soon.

Shelby said...

Awesome package!! I love seeing all the goodies everyone is getting!