17 November, 2006

A Week of Many Travels -part 2

13/11/06 Singapore -->KL (350km) -->Singapore
On Wednesday, my bf and i needed to make a trip up to KL so we both took a day off..the jouney took us abt 4 hours on the road. We know that the traffic in KL is quite busy during the weekdays, so we were quite worried and wondered if we could find the location.
I am so glad Annie, who is like my sis to me gave me a big hand, she and her HB, Terry brought us to the location and after that we met up with another friend, Sally who is also a knitter for a coffee. Although it was a short coffee session, we had a nice time. The girls talked abt the knitting things and the guys were busy talking abt their sport related topic! I managed to snap a few pics and here they are :)

Annie and I

Sally with Annie's project


bluey said...

It is so nice to meet up with friends and knitters :)

ruth said...

what fun!! =D

Bee said...

bluey & ruth

ya, we had wonderful time :)

Sally said...

It was one of those quick meet-ups where we had so much to talk about and so little time. Sigh! Great meeting you!

Bee said...


nice meeting u too...:)

Anonymous said...

It sounds like you had a wonderful trip! Family, friends, and knitting--it's hard to think of a nicer combination. I hope your wedding plans are coming along well!