21 May, 2008

We Call Them Pirates

Yarns : 1 x 50g Jaegar Extra Fine Merino DK in Black,
1/2 x 50g Katia Bamboo in Sweet Candy Pink
Needle size : 3.5mm/4mm
This is my first trial on colour-work project! When i first saw this pattern from ravelry somewhere last year, i noticed that most of the FOs were done in black and white combi, so i have been thinking hard on what colour combi should i do for this hat.
I have quite a number of colour choices for this pattern in acrylic, but thinking of the hard work, i decided not to knit with acrylic and cast on with a better yarn - Jaegar Extra Fine Merino in DK weight!
I’ve modified the pattern by no lining and do ribbing instead and added the heart shape between the skulls and and a bigger heart shape on top of each section too.

Although not a fan of pink colour since young, but guess this sweet candy pink from Katia Bamboo does bring out the charm of this hat! Loving it :D

19 May, 2008

Lacy Kerchief Scarf

Pattern : Lacy Kerchief Scarf from Interweave Knits, Summer 2005
Yarns : 4x50g Knit Pick Shine Sport
Needle Size : 4mm
Finished Measurement : 80" x 14"

Cast on this scarf last month by using one of my stash, the Knit Pick Shine Sport yarns i got 2 years ago.
Quite an easy knit. I’ve shorten the length by 2 repeats and do increase every 3 rows instead of every 5 rows, the measurement at the center point is 13.5” before blocking.

Done - wash and lightly blocked by ironing.

05 May, 2008

Crazy Monkey

Pattern:Toe-Up Crazy Monkey
Finished size: Length 9", Leg circ 7"
Yarns : 1/2x 100g Bamboo Wool Blend Fingering Weight
Needle size : 2.5mm DPNS

A long overdue FO, i follow this version for the lace part to do this Toe up version of Crazy Monkey .
This is also my first time knitting with Bamboo Wool blend fingering weight yarns, very smooth and not droppy after wash(normally bamboo have this problem) but i am not very satisfied with the colour run so completed it as ankle socks instead.