28 August, 2007

Something New

Thank you so much to the lovely and talented WindLoop. I finally got my so-call personal blogger's header!
We went through quite a few rounds last week and finally sorted out the header design by today.
I really appreciate the effort and help. Thank you for being so patient with me, I know I am fussy...hee hee. Now I really LOVE my blog and feel really proud of it!

Just an update of my knitting, I've started some winter projects, stay tuned and I shall update more soon~

19 August, 2007

Lucky Me

Yesterday was my BD, DD brought me for a romantic dinner at Ma Maison, they served really good western japanese food.

and now, I proudly show off all my BD presents. I have to admit I was touched and speechless while opening them!
I received 2 hanks of Lorna's Hand-Dyed Yarns from the lovely Windloop, this is my first time owning these yarns, the verigated in blue and light green shade turn out to be a really nice and refreshing tone! She bought me some really cute stitch markers too, can u see the cute bunny ??? I was very surprised that stitch markers can be done in this way as compared to those beads stitch markers that we commonly see! Oh! she bought me a sweet wedding dairy too!

My buddy, Jollin bought me the Knitting Lingerie Style that I am longing for, 2 hanks of Knit Picks Gossamer yarns and she knitted a hairband for me..see the Rockin Gal wearing it? hehe...

My god-sis, Annie, bought me 6 balls of Noro Lily Silk Garden in grey and blue tone!!! I was jumping on my bed when I saw these...everyone was talking abt it and I always pretended that I am not interested in order to stop myself from buying because this yarn is not cheap...This is really a very pleasant surprise to me and now I have 6 balls of them..I love them so much that i just cant stop touching them! Thanks dear.

Another of my buddy, Yun knitted a Showfake Bear, a Melody pin cushion and a LadyE style bag for me, now I understand why Jollin said I will definitely be touched when I open up the present!Handmade is priceless...I was really touched and I love them very much!She bought me 4 balls of Cascade Sock yarns in purple and verigated peachy pink and a very sweet light green eyeshadow too!

These 6 balls of Jaegar Celeste Tape Yarns is from Sally,The yarns in light green are so sweet..I love them too.

Thank you everyone for pampering me with all your lovely presents and wishes! I am so touched and I love them so much!

17 August, 2007

Birthday Celebration

Jollin, Yun and me with the lovely pressie from Yun and Jollin

I love August! because it is my BD month haha...
The lovely Jollin celebrated Bd for Yun and Me on Tue as both of us BD is in this week, we had steamboat! the dinner was great! fun with laff and of cos, alot present too!
Thanks gal, my BD wish is everyone stay healthy and pretty as ever and our friendship last a long long time..till our next generation!
Yun and I busy opening the pressie...oh needles..oh sock yarns~!
See what I get from Yun???! the lovely melody pin custion~!!yeah yeah!
This is the BD pressie, the red one is from Jollin to Yun, the green is from JOllin to me and the last one is Yun to me~yeah yeah!!

I Am Back

I am back from Hong Kong with 1 piece!

I am serious! We experienced the typhoon grade 8 there, the last time it happened was 8 years ago, all boutique were closed so we rush back to the hotel by taking MTR fighting with more then 10,000 people at the station! hehe and I shop and walk untill my Nike sport shoe the sole came out hahaha...

This trip no yarns for me, as the LYS that I went to, mostly wool, the cotton at abt sgd8 a ball..so I only step in the shop like 10 mins?

I am back with 3 big bags full with clothes, shoes and bags..and of cos 2 dozen of the Krispy Kreme Donut! I am sure I will go again next year..who know? a knitting gang to HK perhaps? * wink wink*

SURPRISE to keep me move on!
While I am about to give up blogging, I was told I've been nominated with a Rockin Girl Blogger badge! I am very very surprise as I feel I am not good enough to get the barge! Seems like now I have a reason to move on. I was tagged by the lovely Erin, She’s a sweet lady who did alot of nice and pretty FOz with knitting, crochet and sewing! Check out her latest very meaningful red colour sock!

Now, it is my turn to moninate this award to another 5 rockin girl bloggers!If I could, I would tag another 10! it’s so hard to do so… so hard to choose!!

So, the award goes to:
1. Wind Loop - she’s very telanted! very good with fashion sense and always came out with cool stuff. Cool chic!

2. Bluey- my buddy, we get to know each other through a knitting forum ..it has been more then a year we meet regulary(weekly) for knit out, tog with our the other half for dinner, coffee and movie too! She’s down-to-earth and always knits to give others, cool!

3. SummerCraftz - the youngest among our weekly knit out,another sweet gal from a knitter turn to buddy! very good with cute little knitted/ crochet gifts, very dedicated to what she do, check out her FOz..

4. Sally - This sweet lady who has more then 20 years of knitting experience can knit really really fast! check out her lovely FOz and stay tune for her latest chunky cardi which she will posting soon!

5. Annie - I would like to take this chance to intro this sweet lady to all of u, we get to know each other online through the knitting forum as well, and discovered we are in so much similar in interests and thinking!She is very kind and very telanted! please take a deep breath before u ready to check out her newly done blog! U will turn stun to see all her gorgeous FOz!

Lastly, hope u enjoy reading the 5 bloggers blog~

06 August, 2007

Crochet Bolero

Dang! It is done.

I am hooked by crochet at the moment, I guess it is because crochet is so much faster then knitting. This Bolero is so nice, I fell in love with it when I first saw somebody's FO..

Thanks to Doreen for the guidance...and I am still hooked and working on second Bolero now.
Back View
Side view of the Bolero

Pattern : Japanese Knitting Book
Yarn : Miami 100% Cotton 4 x 50g/120m
Hook Size : 4
Duration : 5 days