09 November, 2006

winter creations

i finally managed to complete the scarf and hat over the past weekend and here are some pics to show :)

Finished Size
9" x 63"
3x50g (4 ply) China Wool in Shocking Pink + JaggerSpun Zephyr Wool-Silk Yarn in Lady Slipper

guess who is my hat model? tada~!! Ee-Aw from Winnie the Pooh family.

CORONET from knitty

Finished Measurement
Circumference : 21"
1 x 50g Panda 8 ply pure wool and 2 x 50g(4ply) wool from China


Anonymous said...

The scarf and hat both turned out great! You mentioned before that the scarf was going to be gift. Is that true of the hat as well? And now that those projects are finished, what are you going to work on next? :)


bluey said...

nice nice..
When would they be a bluey creations post.. hahahaha

Calling Kahlo said...

The scarf is lovely! I have to try that pattern again, I had such problems with it. It is stunning.

R a i n said...

Such a pretty scarf! The hat is so cute too.

Kessa said...

Midwest Moonlight is really pretty! And your coronet looks so cute over Eeyor.. Hehe..

Bee said...


yeap, both is for my gf who is going Korea for holiday on 27 nov 06 :)

Bluey :
anytime for u :)

hi Calling Kahlo, rain & kessa :
thanks gals :)

ruth said...

scarf is very pretty and light! and love the hat... especially the cabling! =)

Sally said...

That hat is lovely, it's turned out well huh?