30 October, 2006

my first dye experience

Been focusing on the scarf over the weekend, a bit slow, 45" for now and another 10" to go.
Feeling a bit bored in the afternoon so i wondered :"hey! let's try out the dyeing!!!", so i took out one ball of wool and tried my luck. Not too bad, i will definately top up the food colouring coming weekend! he he
Here are the pictures taken.

yarn soak in water with vinigar

this is the food colouring that i found in kitchen

dyeing in process

tada~!!!after rinsing, this is the result, not too bad huh?


R a i n said...

Quite good for a first time experience! I should try my hand at this soon too.

bluey said...

look nice and simple. ;)

Kessa said...

Nice~! Maybe dyeing will become a popular hobby in SG so they'll stock up on dye-able yarsn soon! =D

Anonymous said...

Lovely! So what are your plans for this yarn now that you've dyed it?


Bee said...

ya i am going to try multi colour soon :)
i am still waiting for u to dye together~!! how how??
tell u a secret, your dyeing always be an inspiration to me, my motivation come from u.
have not decide what to knit, just wanna try out the process.

ruth said...


bluey said...

i wan to dye wif u. But i got no yarns for dyeing leh.

Sally said...

Nice mix white and blue, lovely!