16 October, 2006

Contest Time~!!

From my SP9 Host, Shelby and here are my answers :)

Actor -Keanu Reeves.
Actress -Hong Kong Actress Maggie Cheong.
Animal - dog.
Band -none.
Book - for the time being i would say anything related to knitting! hee hee.
Bubble Bath - mango scent from the body shop.
Candy - hmm..i dont have a sweet tongue, if i have to put up an answer for this, then i would say Royce(dark chocolate).
Color - current mood is lilac.
Drink- double espresso.
Flower - rose in apple green.
Food - home cook food to japanese food to prata(malay pan cake, normally go with fish curry) yummy yummy.
Lip Balm - from the body shop.
Lotion -vitamin E from the body shop.
Movie - adventure.
Place - home sweet home.
Song - FREE from Sarah Brightman.
TV Show - cooking programme.
Yarn - hand-painted yarns because u would never ever get to do exactly the same one again, natural yarns, as long my nose can take it, because i have very bad sinus.
Vacation Spot - everywhere as long as with my loved ones.

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