16 October, 2006

Progress Report

Over the weekend, i started a new project to knit a scarf for my buddy, she is going to Korea for a holiday. Here are the progress reports for the hard work done over the weekend . 14" now, another 51" to go...and i have to get it done by the 24th Nov!!! Meanwhile i have to put the shawl aside to stay focus on this scarf.

Midwest Moonlight Scaft

Hanging Garden
~full of flair


Anonymous said...

Those are two amazing-looking projects! I have never seen a scarf like the one you are making. Is it your own pattern? It looks sort of like a checkerboard that's tilted. How did you do that?


bluey said...

nice work. Maybe I should start working on these projects as well.

Bee said...

To my SP

the patt is call Midwest Moonlight from "scarfstyle", my friend zap a copy of the patt for me. :)