06 January, 2008

Our Winter Honeymoon

Hokkaido - 24/12/07 to 31/12/07

We went to Hokkaido for our honeymoon. From Singapore we had to travel 6 hours to Nagoya, then transit to a 1 hour domestic flight to reach Hokkaido.
Over the 6 nights, we stayed in 5 different hotels/resort..the rooms were nice, better than what i was expecting initially.

Here are some pics taken during the trip,enjoy~


They have the most sulphurous pond and enjoy the Hotspring Bath in the hotel, we visited the Shiraoi Ainu Village too.

LAKE TOYA - Rusutsu(Ski resort)

This resort is one of the prominent large all-season resort, big ski area and we tried the exciting snow rafting and snow tubing too.


Otaru Orgel Doh, which houses the "Otaru Music Box Museum", the beatuful heaven sent sounds from the music box now embrace this nostalgic city of Otaru. The best buildings are to be found in the harbour areas and along Otaru canal, which is beatifully lined with lamps... a spectaculat sight.

Oh! forgot to mention, there is a cafe opposite the music box museum, most of the tourist do not go for the coffee but the cup! Yeah, u can actually choose the HelloKitty Cup that you like, after finish the coffee you can bring the cup home, and these are the 2 cups we are choosen.

Nijo Fresh Market

we visited the Nijo Fresh Seafood Market, the Ishiya Chocolate Factory and shopping shopping and shopping at the Hokkado largest shopping mall - sapporo station shopping arcade.

We wore the japanese style robe

Yummu buffet dinner

Kobe Beef that cost 10,500yen per 200g/slice

The beatiful view from our hotel room window

Overall, we had a wonderful time in Hokkaido, we got to know some new friends during the trip, good food, wonderful scenery, very polite japanese people and super clean toilet. DH and I plan to visit again for sure.


Mira said...

Woooow that's a lot of snow fun! Glad you had a great time.

Happy new year! All the best for a great year ahead =)

Pr3tty* Knitty~ said...

Wow, so envy here!!! I always wish to visit to Japan! Thanks for sharing those nice pictures! * I wanna go Japan * hehe~

bluey said...

So nice!

*Getting more excited now*

JL said...

Nice pics, so envy !

opportunityknits said...

Lovely photos, the snowy mountains are majestic & breathtaking.

ruth said...

lucky you!! i have always dreamed of visiting japan. looks like you had a wonderful holiday with hubby, such beautiful pictures!

Lesalicious said...

Looks like you and your hubby had a ball. Glad you both had a great honeymoon get away.:)

Annie said...

Wow hahaha can see that both Ron and you had a wonderful winter honeymoon there! Beautiful place & loving couple!

Sally said...

Hmm....both of you look so loving and romantic in the snow setting..

Judy said...

Congratulations! What beautiful photos!

Marsha said...

Lovely photos! It looks like you had a wonderful time there!

Virtuous said...

Aaah you are still a newlywed!
Congratulations!! I want a winter wedding too!!! :o)

Stefanie said...

Thanks for writing this.

Rosa said...

Thanks for the blog! My fiance and I are getting married in December and planning to go to Hokkaido for our honeymoon around the time when you guys went! We're so excited and loved reading about your time there. 2 questions.. If you were to do it again, what would you definitely do?? ... and was there anything you regretted doing or.. would you not do the second time around? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

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