26 August, 2008


Pattern : Ash from Rowan 36
Yarns : Olympus Cotton Novia x 7 balls(40g/115m)
Needle Size : 3.5mm/4.0mm

Proud to present to you.
A KAL project with talented Windloop.

Basically we knitted up according to our own estimation.


Lesalicious said...

Oh wow that is so pretty love it great job.:)So cute.:)

windloop said...

nice!!!! the color is nice..i must get it next time hehe:)

bluey said...

Nice nice!!!

opportunityknits said...

The shape is so cute and the colour is so lush.

R a i n said...

That's just gorgeous!! Love how it looks on you and the colour is scrumptious!

R a i n said...

Eeeps I missed your bday =(
Happy Belated Birthday Regg, hope you had a great day!!