25 March, 2007

Wonderful Saturday

24.03.07, Sunny Saturday

Today is a lovely saturday, went breakfast with DD for Tim Sum and noodles, then drove to a flower warehouse to get some flowers...the warehouse was so cold, but the flowers there are so lovely, there have tulip, roses, lily, sun flower and many more, u name it they have it, some i dont even know the name! I ended up getting roses for myself and my buddies too, wanna surprise them he he...

At noon, i met them in the North to have coffee, lunch, snacks and of cos KNIT! ha ha..luckily i dint get light colour roses for J, realised she dont really like light colour *phew*... Y was cute, when i presented her the roses, she was plesently surprised! ha ha!

Who says happiness in life must be luxury and materialistic? i always believe just a little effort always can make a great effect.

People might think we are too free to spents hours to knit, i have people telling me can get off rack cheaper! yes i agree but just wanna say that " we knit not because we are too free, it is because we treasure simple things in life!"

Time really flies, we ended up spending almost 6 hours there! BUT some how i still feel that it is not enough! ha ha..gals, thanks for the great saturday, Friendship Forever!


bluey said...

I had a great time too. I love the roses. They are simply too lovely.

I totally agree that simple things are things that we should treasure coz it really make up our life.

Thanks for the roses :)

JL said...

Love flowers too ! Nice colour.