10 February, 2007

Busy Year

This year will be a super busy year for me.
i know i have not been updating my blog regulary, bad bad regg!
Chinese New Year is just around the corner, i still dont feel it yet, some how i still need to get some CNY goodie for mum and future IL.

Today i still need to work full day, tomorrow i will be at KL, coming back on Mon, flying off on 15/2, will be back on 25/2.

I've completed 3 mistery projects for VDay, 1 for my fiance and 2 for my buddy, i am sure if u r reading this blog u will know i am talking abt u! hehe,
will post them after VDay.

Wishing u gals up there, HappY VDay and CnY! Gong Xi Gong Xi~
I may not be able to update my blog till i come back.


bluey said...

:) I do hope i get the mystery gift. Wish u a happy V day n a Happy chinese new year too..

Michelle said...

hey girl!! happy CNY to you!! gong xi gong xi!!

Sally said...

Happy Chinese New Year to you!

Endoh Taiki said...

Where's my knitted boxer with openings front and back that you promised last Vday? Hahahahaha...