26 July, 2007

Busy n Busier

FINALLY I cast off the scaft. It turn out to be the "feel" I want, lovely.

I have been good, staying cool and trying hard to focus picking up 500+ sts for the Jo Shape Bolero ribbing, it is really not easy..I am dead slow with ribbing, especially k2p2 on 500+ sts per row...zzz..

I am back with crochet, drooling on at crochet bolero that I dint know I have the patt in my collection! Stay tune and I will update soon.

Meanwhile, I shall try to control not to Casting On new project, as wedding is coming real soon, I need to start prepare for some accessories, corsage for the sister gang and, of cos, the silk yarn from Colourmart for the Hanami stole for my wedding~

Oh ya! I want to share with the world I am very Happy this coming August!
DD is going to sponser me to go HK as my BD present with the girls gang;
Lovely J, one of my knitting buddy bought me a REALLY REALLY REALLY wonderful surprise present! and gal you know what? I am still flipping it ... daily~
Alot of yarns from a oversea friend

What else to ask more?
Friendship warm the heart~!


chooi wah said...

ha ha, you just can't get enough for the book huh...

bluey said...

glad tat you like it. :)