05 July, 2007


I have not been posting much on knitting stuff.

Too much on hand now and I have to slow down on knitting and start focus to prepare for the big day in Nov.
The RR, finally going to be completed left with sleeve/ colar ribbing, here how it look.

At the same time, I CO a scaft from IK Summer 2007 too, it was a replacement of a scaft size of LadyE as my LadyE dont really turn up to be what i want.

I am trying hard to stay focus to finish my wips , till then, no more new CO for this year.

Hmm.. can tahan? let see...


bluey said...

Yeah RR finally finishing liao. Jia you jia you.

The scarf is so nice leh. Sure you not CO on new project? hmmm.. :P

JL said...

Nice colour.