30 July, 2007

Stay Silent

Yesterday we had Portluck family dinner at our place, around 30+ people, overall it was fun, except when we show some of them our wedding photos shoot by Ric, the PC is in our room, while watching the slide, this happen:

Aunty A : She(refer to me) look better with long wedding gown, look slimmer.
Aunty B : She is ok, not that fat.
Aunty A : She is fat lah!
Aunty B : No la, she is ok, not fat lah!
Aunty A : She is lah, u see...(and she point her finger at me...)!!!

and this conversation happened when so many pple watching the slide, and Aunty A say this infront of me... It was pretty hurt, I know I am not that slim, but, CANT YOU DONT SAY THAT INFRONT OF ME???!!!

I dont know how to react, I only act blur and stay silent...

and the best is, this Aunty A is the one ask me to knit a bolero for her!!!


bluey said...

ai yo that is very bad of the aunt.

nurhanne said...

How rude! Some people would do well to rememeber that if one doesn't have anything nice to say, it's better to say nothing at all. FWIW I think you look very pretty in the pictures on your blog :-)

Sally said...

Tell you what! knit her the bolero and kill her with kindness! :)

R a i n said...

Oh ugh that's horrible. I hate people who think it's perfectly fine to comment about stuff like that in public and to you.

Btw, I don't think you're fat!

Mira said...

Whoa that wasn't really nice of her. You're not fat!!

Hope you're feeling better. You were not well when I contacted you hehe.

Pr3tty* Knitty~ said...

what a mean 3 gu 6 po! Don't care what those people say la! =)