29 July, 2007

Montego Bay Scaft

Scaft still the fastest FO.
My initial trial was ladyE in scaft size, but I realise it doesn't turn out to be the "feel" I like.

This Montege Bay Scaft very nice, dont you agree with me? and I am glad my god sis like it :)

Pattern : Montego Bay Scaft from Interwave Knits Summer 2007
Size : 10" x 65"
Yarn : Knit Picks Twist 4 x 50g/99 yards
Needle size : Clover 5.1mm
Start: July 2007
Completed : July 2007


Michelle said...

that scarf is really lovely!! what yarn and what pattern did you use?

Anonymous said...

I love it ! Very creative ! That's actually really cool Thanks.