01 December, 2006

Progress Update

Been very busy..busy for nothing!
i have not been knitting much, very slow progress and yet i need to knit so many projects as Christmas gifts!

I really need another pair of hands!

A pair of sock for my fiance, my very first try on sock. Slow slow slow...

Drop Stitch Twist Shawl turn up very narrow, but i like the soft touch of the arcylic yarn, did i just mentioned soft touch? arcylic? yes! Peony is the brand, from Japan :)


bluey said...

jia you jia you!!

my socks is still slower than yours leh. think we really need to lucky draw liao. Hahahhah

Kessa said...

Wee~ Sock knitting is seriously catching on in SEA! I love the colours you chose for the socks for your fiance. =D

R a i n said...

I love the look of your drop stitch shawl! Where did you get the pattern from??