24 August, 2006

Precious Moments

Precious Moment #2
my cactus first bloom after 3 years, and it has grown double in size.
make a guess how many "new born"?..total 12 of them.
too bad i did not manage to photograph the flowers during the day, they actually look like daisy...

Precious moments #1
i celebrated my 31st BD last week, a memorable one.

i got 2 BD cakes for this year, red packets, lovely and colourful pressie from loved ones...i was so touched and happy to received a present from someone overseas for my BD and it arrived on the actual day, what a pleasant surprise! i am contented to have so many loved ones around, what else can i ask for?
thank you and i wish everyone health and happiness.

here are some photos to share with ...

lovely pressie~

cute orange handbag, i love it!

new collection of my knitting/ crochet book~

1 comment:

bluey said...

glad that u like the orange bag. Hehehe.

It is so nice that ur cactus blooms.